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Venturi Effect:
The Art of Prioritization 

The Venturi effect describes proportionality of velocity and pressure, when a constricted section of a pipe causes an increase in fluid velocity and decrease in pressure.


Similarly, in Business, narrowing your focus can have positive impact. By concentrating your efforts on a specific target market or a particular product/service, you can manage pressure and increase your velocity and effectiveness in meeting customer needs.

This is where we come in. Our frontline experience spans decades of building and scaling businesses, driving technology transitions, and fostering incubation. Our focus area is "The Early Market". We bring real-world experience in driving innovation and business transformation in both startups and as "intrapreneurs" in a large Enterprise. We help our partners launch new S-curves or transition to the next S-curve. We do this by delivering concrete outcomes for teams we support and extend their product team capabilities.

Venturis Inc is  also a platform to share and discuss best practices for product thinking. So, we encourage you to join the community and follow our progress/updates as well as share your thoughts 

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Our Mission

We are Core Product Thinkers by profession and Sports Enthusiasts by interest. Our thesis is that while every professional team has a set of outstanding athletes, the following (FAME, as we like to call it) always sets the winning team apart:


  1. Has an unwavering Focus, as a team, on the goal

  2. Can tune themselves better and constantly Adapt to changing conditions

  3. Has a team Mojo that while ethereal makes the difference between winning and losing

  4. Active Engagement , fostering collaboration, commitment, and a shared dedication


Our Mission is to enable teams walk this journey and  unlock their full potential by fostering a culture of creativity, strategic thinking and disruptive ideas and facilitate the creation of Organizational Narratives that guide them on this journey.


The Venturis: Our Story 

The Founding Team of Venturis Inc, have a combined 50 years of experience between them and  started their journeys towards Product Thinking from the two ends of spectrum. Between them, they bring a full 360 degree perspective. Both are extremely passionate about Product Thinking and the different paths have only helped cement their shared belief that the secret to any business's success lies in Product Innovation. We are passionate Product Thinkers who care deeply about  User Centricity, Business Value and Iterative Approach as the key pillars that can help unlock Product Innovation, no matter what stage of maturity cycle a business may be at. 

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