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Through our career(s), we have helped launch new ventures, driven successful customer adoption, helped scale the business(es) to be category leaders and run successful businesses at scale and navigated the classical "Innovator's Dilemma".  We are Product Thinkers, who have a set of tried and tested frameworks to help you reach your business objectives. 

Product Market Fit.png
Product Market Fit

Venturis (P-M)-Squared Framework 

  • Purpose: Why?

  • Product: What?

  • Market: Potential?

  • Money: Money Flow?

Output: Output is a Mission and a Business Plan for the Idea that will help drive Product-Market Fit and unlock the Early Market Opportunity

Customer Segmentaion.png
Customer Segmentation 

Customer Segmentation Framework: 

  • Innovation Focus List: Trendsetters and Explorers

  • Value Seekers: List for short term focus for growth

  • Loyalists: Farm the base - Aligned with Portfolio

Early Market Focus: Explorers and Trendsetters

Output:  Output is a Go To Market Plan that is aligned with a Prioritized Portfolio 

Portfolio Planning.png
Portfolio Planning 

Portfolio Prioritization Framework

Assess Portfolio

  • Market Size

  • Market Cycle/Stage

  • Offer Strength

  • Ability to Execute

  • Competitive position

Early Market Focus: Only Opportunities in The Green Quadrant Qualify 

Output:  A Simplified and Streamlined Portfolio with a clear execution plan

Strategic Planning.png
Strategic Planning 

Venturis Layer Cake Framework 

  • Multi Year Plan

  • S-Curves for each offer

  • Layer S-Curves

  • Model the Holistic Business Plan

  • Plan to Launch new S-Curves before the tail of existing ones

Intrapreneur Focus: Right time to launch new S-Curves Early

Output is a Simplified Multi-Year Strategic Plan for the Composite Business

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