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Leadership Advisors

Venturis By Association


Pankaj Bhatia 
Leadership and Organization Principles

Pankaj is an accomplished business leader with decades of experience leading and advising businesses globally. Pankaj truly believes in the power of critical thinking and has helped both mature businesses and upstarts make vital decisions with effective balance of critical thinking and experience-led intuition. Through his career as a management consultant and an investor, he has helped several young businesses - in both for-profit and social sectors - achieve scale. He takes a hands-on approach and guides business leaders in building foundational organizational capabilities for success and become more effective leaders themselves.


Outside of work, Pankaj is a sports and nature lover. He’s often seen hiking, playing tennis or skiing during his free time, and you may sometimes even find him on a bike ride between meetings.

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Miguel Carames
Cross-Functional Organization and Product Management

Miguel is an experienced technology executive who enjoys the process of learning constantly and building chemistry in cross-functional organizations. In his more than 20 years in the tech industry, Miguel has been constantly engaged in R&D building, refining and optimizing new products and technologies. As a leader, Miguel is motivated by unleashing the power of creative collaboration that leads to consistent incremental improvements. Miguel enjoys enjoys mentoring and learning from like-minded industry friends and leaders.


Outside of work Miguel can be found enjoying the outdoors whether running, hiking, swimming or DIYing around the house. Miguel is an avid reader and world traveler.

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