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About Us

Experience: Innovation/Business Transformation 

Venturis brings real-world experience in driving innovation and business transformation in both startups and large mature corporations. Some examples of our work are:

Entrepreneur Focus 

Venture:  Industry’s first multi-access, multi-service platform with integrated Intelligence.

Outcome: This platform transformed the mobile broadband market, led to the company being acquired by Cisco and powered 1.2B of mobile broadband subscribers at it's peak. 

Venturis Team Experience: Part of the Product Management team that helped the platform cross the proverbial "chasm" and led the business post-acquisition to scale it to the market leading position.

Transformation Focus 

Venture: Deliver Media solutions with a hybrid construct of organic and inorganic assets.

Outcome:  Entered a new market and add new capabilities, outside of the parent company DNA.

Venturis Team Experience: Created a stand-alone legal entity to house a combination of parent resources with integration of acquisitions. The newly formed entity had specific objectives – connect proprietary media assets to consumers across a platform. Built a community that extended media control from merchandising to social media and partnerships with ticketing and venues.


Intrapreneur Focus

Transition: SDN/NFV Transition for the Networking Stack. 

Outcome: Creation of a unified SDN architecture, common across Data Center and Cloud segments. Alignment across key business and technology leaders across multiple business(es).

Venturis Team Experience: Drove alignment across senior technology teams across the company to agree on a common set of requirements.  This enabled a standardized model for segment specific solutions increasing the speed of new product launches.


Innovation Incubation

Innovation: Innovate to navigate a combination of technology (transition to cloud) and business model (migrate to predictable pay as you go models) transitions in the face of disruption from other challengers in the market. 

Outcome:   ‘Elephants can (actually) dance” paraphrased from the famous book from IBM’s transition. It is certainly not easy to drive differentiated thinking within a large company. Held serve and the market share lead through the transition. 

Venturis Team Experience: Led the Product Team through the transition and Delivered on the objectives. Apart from the product itself the entire model was unique in terms of milestones, collaboration, compensation and yes that elusive word we chase – culture!

Soccer Team

Meet the Team

 A hive-theory model: From interns to advisors, we work together for your results. Business leaders and domain experts meet like-minded professionals that collectively become catalysts for both the industry and our clients. The role of all our advisors is intertwined with Venturis objectives. Follow the Links Below to meet our Team of Advisors and Interns.

Meet The Venturis
Gaurav Vaid
A Good Day at the Office: Clear the Head

Gaurav is a motivational team leader with an ability to energize teams to highest performance levels and is a firm believer in establishing a culture based on mutual trust and individual empowerment, through the organization. Gaurav is a technologist who believes in market-in approach to use technology to solve market/customer problems. Gaurav brings a wealth of real-world experience in driving innovation and business transformation in both startups and large mature corporations and is a master in the "Art of Prioritization" and passionate about sharing his experience based knowledge with other business leaders to help them grow. 

Outside of the Professional arena, Gaurav is an avid hiker, runner and a sports enthusiast who loves to travel the world.

Arjun Ghatak

Arjun believes that individuals are multi-talented and there is never a wrong time to try something new. Success (or failure) is simply a metric – but the journey is the ultimate reward. In his career he has had the privilege of launching new businesses, driving technology transitions and incubating nascent ideas.  Arjun has frontline experience spanning decades of building and scaling businesses, driving technology transitions, and fostering incubation and is a strong advocate of Product Thinking and excited at the opportunity to share his craft with other business leaders. 

Arjun is a sports enthusiast and when not launching something new or guiding someone to launch something new, odds are that you can find him on a tennis court or working towards the goal of getting out on a tennis court for as long as he can. 

Meet the Venturis - We are Sports Enthusiasts who will guide your business to success
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