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Venturis Stories: Navigating The Art of Product Thinking

Ever wondered what sets great thinkers like Steve Jobs apart from the rest? Why are companies like Apple constantly able to Innovate while others fall prey to the classic Innovator's Dilemma? We at Venturis Group believe that the answer is Product Thinking. We are passionate Product Thinkers who care deeply about  User Centricity, Business Value and Iterative Approach as the key pillars that can help unlock Innovation, no matter what stage of maturity cycle a business may be at.


In our podcast series called "The Venturis Stories: Navigating the Art of Product Thinking ", we will talk to industry leaders as they share their experiences from their career Journeys. If you are an individual, looking to hone your product skills or an entrepreneur/leader looking to unlock the next innovation cycle, we guarantee that you will walk away with nuggets of information that will help you in your journey. Our tagline is "it is not a tiktok but not a documentary either". We plan to deliver these podcasts in bite-sized episodes that deliver the message that you need yet do not tax your precious time. So, take the plunge and tune in. You will not be disappointed.

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