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Product Endurance

Gaurav and I will often try to bring sports analogies to business - so much to be learnt and applied.

Watching the French Open today between Djokovic and Alcaraz - what was a semi final could easily have been the final - given the quality of tennis.

What I saw were 3 things that are always applicable to any Product strategy

  1. Addressing the opponent (market knowledge): these days most sport is becoming completely "data driven". Players hire specialist organizations to comb videos and surfaces and of course play style to deliver a package of what to expect on game day. Whether you're playing the 1st round or the final - both these players knew EXACTLY what to expect. Djokovic is a player that makes very few errors and Alcaraz can run EVERY ball down.

Markets assessment require massive diligence to carve out unaddressed niches and competitive weaknesses. While the gut gives the direction; the analysis will increase the odds of penetration and absorption.

Some good examples are the introduction of original Netflix subscriptions or the Tesla Model 3. All new and existing product extensions need to use what we see in the modern sporting organizations end 2 end

  1. Conditioning and mindset (preparing for adversity): It was a tragic moment for Alcaraz that robbed him a place in the final - most commentators put it down to lack of conditioning and thinking through the muggy Paris day. Most products go through this over time and require constant iteration - especially when a curve ball gets thrown. The best players know that real time adaptation is key to survival.

Product tuning to changing conditions can run sometimes foul of "visionary zeal" (a topic for another day) - however with small changes say in pricing - Jio (Reliance telecom) is a great example can yield accelerated absorption and changing the entire market landscape

  1. Going the distance (perseverance): Finally - its never over till it's over - every player knows this whether you're in the NBA or NFL - understanding the opponent and making real time changes in strategy goes only as far as you chase down every ball and every passing shot. Its never easy but as the famous Roland Garros quote in the stadium "Victory belongs to the most tenacious"

Wishing Alcaraz recovery and looking forward to seeing Djokovic winning his 23rd title and making history!

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Paras Jain
Paras Jain
Jun 20, 2023

An insightful article shedding light on the importance of product strategy. Well-structured and offers practical tips.


Gaurav Vaid
Gaurav Vaid
Jun 10, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love the article, missed the game!! Feel bad for my buoy Alcaraz but there will be learnings from this - someone should recommend that he reads this blog 😁

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