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Venturis (P-M)2 Framework: Ikigai for your business

In our recent "Venturis Stories" podcast episode, we delved into the concept of Ikigai – the Japanese philosophy for discovering your "reason for being." We also explored our own journey in founding Venturis Inc. using our powerful Product-Market Fit Framework: Venturis (P-M)².


Here's a surprising connection: When we take a closer look at the Venturis (P-M)² framework, it perfectly aligns with the four fundamental questions of Ikigai:

·       What do you Love? - Purpose

·       What are you Good at? - Product

·       What the World needs? - Market

·       What can you be paid for? - Money

So, you could think of The Venturis (P-M)2 Framework for Product-Market fit as the Ikigai (reason for being) for your business. So, here goes – presenting the Ikigai for your business framework:

In the dynamic landscape of business, achieving the perfect synergy between your product and the market is the key to success. At Venturis Inc, we've developed the powerful "P-M-Squared" framework, a strategic blueprint to help businesses attain and sustain product-market fit. Let's dive into this transformative framework:

1. Purpose: Define Your "Why" or “What do you Love?”

The foundation of the P-M-Squared Framework is "Purpose." We encourage businesses to start with the fundamental question: "Why are you playing?" This question, akin to Simon Sinek's "Start with Why," guides your journey. It shifts the focus from merely building a product to understanding the end-user experience. Dive deep into "why us" and "why now." Purpose sets the stage for innovation, aligning your core values with your customers' needs.

In our case study for Venturis Inc during our podcast, the Purpose that we identified was the pursuit of our “Ikigai”.

2. Product: Narrative for Your Solution or “What are you Good at?”

Once your "Purpose" is crystal clear, we delve into "Product." This phase is all about building a narrative that sets your solution apart. Dive into customer problems and articulate a unique solution. It's a "What" question that along with the "Purpose" establishes your mission and vision. This narrative is the cornerstone for consensus-building and cross-functional execution—the magical influence that propels your success.

In our case study for Venturis Inc, we are the Product. We used the concept of High Agency and illustrated how we can help entrepreneurs/intrepreneurs unlock this through our Product Thinking and Venturis Mindset approach.  This is applicable for both individuals as well as the organization.

3. Market: Unlock Opportunity or “What the World Needs?”

The "Market" segment focuses squarely on your end customer, market dynamics, and the potential your product can unlock. Whether you're a newcomer or an established player, we can guide you in strategizing customer adoption for both new and existing markets. We will assist you in defining your Total Addressable Market (TAM) and craft sales strategies tailored to your target customer segments. By the end of this phase, you'll have a comprehensive strategic plan to scale and elevate your business.

In our case study for Venturis Inc, we identified how doubling down on our niche of the “Early Market” opportunity and the entrepreneur and intrepreneur segments as well as a clear distinction between Fractional Product Leadership and Consulting/Guiding offers, based on the market/customer has helped us hone into the target markets.

4. Money: Optimize Revenue Flow or “What can you be paid for?”

With a differentiated product, a strong sense of purpose, and a well-defined market strategy, it's time to focus on the "Money" flow. While we recognize that each business is unique, generating revenue is a fundamental objective. We will work with you to define pricing strategies and tailor Go-To-Market strategies to align with your target market segments. Our time-tested methodologies ensure that your business is set up for success at any stage of its journey.

For Venturis Inc case study, we highlighted the “productizing our services” approach and the 5 ways to engage us that are available from our website, including the ability to book a discovery call as the path to unlocking revenue for us as part of this product market fit journey.


At Venturis Inc, we're committed to helping you achieve next-level market traction. Whether you're an early stage entrepreneur or looking to take your product to new heights by launching the next phase of innovation, we have real world experience in navigating these transitions and are here to guide you. Success isn't guaranteed, even with a brilliant product. To thrive, you need a deep understanding of your market and customers. That's where our "P-M-Squared" framework comes into play.


Embrace the "P-M-Squared" Framework, and unlock your path to product-market fit and sustained success.

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Gaurav Vaid
Gaurav Vaid
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Venturis Product Market Fit Framework: Ikigai for your business

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