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Introducing the Venturis Layer Cake Framework: A Strategic Planning Tool

Our Venturis Layer Cake Framework, also known as the Strategic Planning Framework, is a pivotal tool for crafting a multi-year strategy that propels your business forward. If your portfolio encompasses diverse offerings aimed at various customer segments, this framework is your indispensable companion.

Navigating the S-Curves of Portfolio Growth

In a complex business landscape, each offering in your portfolio typically follows its own growth trajectory represented by an S-curve. Our approach involves strategically aligning and layering these S-curves to create a multi-year visual strategic plan. This comprehensive plan helps you validate your strategy and precisely identifies the ideal timing for launching new portfolio categories, each with its independent S-curve.

Target Audience: Established Businesses, looking to navigate the Innovator's Dilemma

The Venturis Layer Cake Framework primarily caters to established businesses seeking to navigate the challenges of the classical "Innovator's Dilemma." It's a guiding compass that ensures you don't linger too long on your existing portfolio offers, potentially missing opportunities for growth in new areas or categories.

Intrapreneurial Focus: Timing is Key

For intrapreneurs within established businesses, this framework emphasizes the importance of launching new S-curves early, ensuring your organization remains agile and responsive to market dynamics.

Output: Simplified Multi-Year Strategic Plan

The result of applying the Venturis Layer Cake Framework is a streamlined and insightful multi-year strategic plan. This plan guides your business through the intricate layers of growth, providing clarity on when to pivot, innovate, and expand. It's a roadmap for composite businesses that unlocks their true potential and safeguards them against the pitfalls of the innovator's dilemma.

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Gaurav Vaid
Gaurav Vaid
Oct 02, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Venturis Strategic Planning Tool - The Layer Cake Approach

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