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Introducing the Venturis Portfolio Prioritization Framework

Our Portfolio Prioritization Framework is designed to help you make informed decisions by assessing your portfolio across key dimensions. This framework takes into account five critical inputs:

  1. Market Size: Evaluating the size of the market you operate in.

  2. Market Cycle/Stage: Assessing the current stage or cycle of the market.

  3. Offer Strength: Determining the strength and competitiveness of your offerings.

  4. Ability to Execute: Gauging your organization's capacity to execute effectively.

  5. Competitive Position: Understanding your position in relation to competitors.

The next step is mapping on a Quadrant Chart

The results of this assessment are plotted on a dynamic 4-quadrant chart, where two essential dimensions intersect:

  • Market Size and Demand (Y-Axis): This dimension assesses the scale and demand within your target markets.

  • Ability to Execute (X-Axis): This dimension measures your organization's capability to bring strategies to fruition.

Understanding the Quadrants

  1. High-High Quadrant (Top Right): This is the "Sweet Spot." Portfolio elements in this quadrant exhibit both a significant market demand/size and a strong ability to execute. Pursuing opportunities in this quadrant is the highest priority.

  2. High "Ability to Execute," Lower Market/Demand Quadrant: Elements falling here are often considered "Cash Cow" operations. While your organization can execute well, market demand may be limited. These areas are candidates for investment with a capped budget.

  3. High Market Demand/Size, Limited "Ability to Execute" Quadrant: Elements in this quadrant represent exciting opportunities with substantial market potential. However, your organization may face limitations in execution. Consider exploring partnerships or mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to capitalize on these opportunities.

  4. Low Market Demand/Potential, Limited "Ability to Execute" Quadrant: For elements residing in this quadrant, it's clear that an exit strategy is required. These portfolio areas lack both market demand and the ability to execute effectively.

Output: Streamlined Portfolio with Clear Execution

By applying this framework, you'll achieve a simplified and streamlined portfolio with a well-defined execution plan. It empowers you to make strategic decisions that align with your organization's strengths and market opportunities, ultimately driving success and growth.

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Gaurav Vaid
Gaurav Vaid

Venturis Portfolio Prioritization Framework. Guaranteed to make a difference if you have more than one offer in your portfolio.

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