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The Venturis Inc Organizational Narratives Pyramid

Part of our mission statement @Venturis Inc reads " We facilitate the creation of Organizational Narratives that guide organizations on product innovation journey".

In a world full of emphasis on data driven decision making, you might wonder - what room do narratives really have in the innovation journey? Afterall, Narratives (Definition: "a spoken or written account of connected events") are stories and while stories maybe more interesting than analyzing data, a story is subjective by nature. Do you really want the critical business decisions to be held hostage by a story or would you rather base it on raw and objective data driven analytics? Geoffery Moore discusses this yin and yang relationship between Narratives and Analytics in his extremely insightful and accurate (as per us) article on LinkedIn. We will not get into the dynamics of Narratives vs. Analytics further (both are extremely important).

We would like to go back to our Mission at this stage, and add that our focus is to help our clients unlock the potential of any innovation by helping them create new S-curves or transition to the next S-curve: Maximize the Early Market Opportunity that any innovation offers. At this stage of a typical Product S-curve, typically the TAMs (Total Addressable Market) are fuzzy at best. If you are attempting a category creating innovation, these are non-existent most of the times. So, our thesis is that for maximizing the Early Market Opportunity, the art of story telling is extremely important and Narratives trump Analytics at this stage of the S-curve. For a mature product, when the market is well defined and there are very clearly defined indicators that can act as tell-tales for the trajectory of the business, Analytics take precedence. However, even at this stage: Narratives have a crucial role to play. If it was purely down to Analytics, we would be well served to relinquish control of all mature business(es) to Machines as Machines would make more accurate data driven decisions than any human possibly can. We strive to assist our clients on the narratives journey with an approach we call "The Venturis Inc Organizational Narratives" (Trademark Pending), inspired by the Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, applied to an Organizational context.

With that in mind and considering the launch of Threads, we are also jumping on the Threads band-wagon. We believe that Threads is a good story telling platform. You can listen to Kevin O'Leary's take on this.

So, follow us @venturis_inc on threads. We plan to post regular updates of what we call "doses of product inspiration" to help you create your own narrative to maximize the innovation potential. We will also add these "doses of product inspiration" to a running blog at our site on an on-going basis, if you prefer to follow us through our web-site.

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Gaurav Vaid
Gaurav Vaid
17 lug 2023

Trademark Pending for "The Venturis Inc Organizational Narratives Pyramid"

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